It’s not just about supermarkets, it’s focused on food retail and today’s evolving marketplace.

Join us September 18-19, 2019 in Conyers, Georgia.

And, this year’s program delivered just that! Sessions were filled with lively and productive discussions and interactive exercises that gave attendees hands-on experience to every day challenges and opportunities. From how retailers can remain relevant in this ever-changing environment and the trends in store for the upcoming years to what digital means for your organization and what packaging and meal kit solutions are out there for retailers.

The industry’s finest professionals delivered their expertise while attendees took away a deluge of information they can implement into their everyday operations.

Did you miss out on this year’s program? Don’t worry, we will have another program on September 18-19, 2019 with more quality programs and hands-on sessions our attendees have come to value.

Below is this past year’s program so you can see what the Supermarket Program has to offer. We will be adding next year’s schedule as the plan progresses. Stay tuned!!!!


“Merchandising With The Five Senses was very insightful. Bundling senses to help sell was amazing. Learning there are ways to bring scents and other things into our store to assist in the selling process was extremely exciting.”

Robin ThompsonRaleys

“The segment on lighting was very good, and the impact that lighting had on product really opened our eyes. We will go back and take a look at some of the planning we are doing and how we light some of our departments.”

Harry GarafaloShopRite

“We are working on how to increase sales, get more consumers into the stores and how to be different from the other guy. The tools I have learned here (at Supermarket Sense) will help us achieve this in half the time. I am really excited about what I can take home from here.”

Martha E QuinteroEl Machetazo

“The whole merchandising experience (at Supermarket Sense) from cases and the food, to how to reach out to our customers and give them a better store experience and better products, really helps us with growing our sales and operations.”

Chef Joseph KratochwillSomerset Stores LLC

“My favorite session was the juicing program. The takeaway from this was the equipment used, the amount of space that needs to be allocated, the quality and type of equipment needed for running that type of operation.

Chris CochranRetail Specialist, CC Consultants

“I would highly recommend Supermarket sense. I feel there is a depth of knowledge here that I haven’t found in other presentations or programs throughout the country, and I have visited many stores and conferences. I am leaving with a highly regarded group of professionals that I can use as a resource going forward.”

Jonathan RadunsMerchandising Food LLC


Dr. Keith Vorst

Dr. Keith Vorst
Director for the Polymer and Food Protection Consortium – Iowa State University

Dr. Vorst’s research area emphasis is the technical development and safety of food packaging including the interaction of food and packaging materials. He has several peer-reviewed publications and patents for plastic characterization, contamination monitoring, carbon nanotubes, medical device manufacturing, microbial testing methods, and polymer design. Read more…

Kevin McCray
Chef’s Menu

Kevin is the COO of Chefs’ Menu, a food manufacturer in its 5th year selling meal kits to retailers across the country. Armed with innovative food products and tried-and-true culinary shortcuts, Kevin and his team at Chefs’ Menu have been working to get today’s time-starved, convenience-hungry shopper back in the kitchen. Read More

Harold Lloyd, Harold Lloyd Presents

Harold Lloyd
Harold Lloyd Presents

Harold’s passion for teaching permeates his presentations. Over the years, he has created 30 top-rated seminars and written two ‘5-Star’ rated books—“Am I the leader I Need to Be?” and “It’s About Time.” He has been a featured presenter at the food industry’s most prestigious conventions for two decades. Read more…

Founder & Chief Strategist Novus SententiaCory Smith
Founder & Chief Strategist
Novus Sententia

I have been described in many different ways over the course of my 20+ year career: Technologist. Architect. Strategist. Marketer. Ideologue. Evangelist. But if I were to choose a moniker for myself I would choose Solutionist. I excel at finding solutions for business and communication dilemmas. Read More

Mark DiDomenico, Datassential, Inc.Mark DiDomenico
Datassential, Inc.

Mark DiDomenico has been following trends in the Foodservice Industry for nearly 24 years. He started his career with The NPD Group, analyzing restaurant traffic trends and foodservice manufacturer shipments. From there, he transitioned to the manufacturer side, providing insights guidance for the foodservice divisions of Kellogg USA and Sara Lee. Read More

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