Supermarket Sense 15

Session: Merchandising Behind Doors – Creating a Window of Opportunity
September 22-23, 2015 in Conyers, Georgia

Like it or not, there is a shift in products going behind doors as stores look reduce costs, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. Well-designed and properly lit glass-front display cases can enable museum-like quality merchandise displays that create windows of opportunity for increased sales and product integrity. Packaged items like deli meats, meats and produce have all benefitted from a longer shelf-life and sustained product integrity.

Marketing Specialist Margie Proctor will cover methods on effectively merchandising behind doors, debunk the myths and share opportunities retailers have by closing cases and boosting sales in different supermarket departments. By the end of this session, attendees will understand that doors on cases make great business sense and will be reaping the rewards with energy and shelf-life savings across the board.

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Merchandising Behind Closed Doors – What They are Saying

The nice part about retrofit doors is the energy savings. This location is the only location that has new doors with energy savings LED lighting. Not only do we get the good feeling of going green from energy savings, but in my opinion the products jump off the shelf which improves the impulse buy. And that’s the most important factor to me.

Barry QueenBoard Member - Associated Wholesale Grocers

Putting doors on cases is part of our energy savings initiatives. We started with 4 pilot stores and saw magnificent results such as an increase in energy savings, a decrease in product shrink and a more positive shopping experience for our customers.

Reducing product shrink is very important to our company. This means less perishable products thrown in the trash. When we installed doors on our cases the temperature became more stable, allowing our products to keep their fresh characteristics longer.

Fernando CamposManager of Technological Innovations - Walmart

My supermarket has great customer service and product selection, but it was really cold in certain parts of the store. I had to wear a sweater when I bought things like cheese, milk or steaks. I also noticed it was starting to look a little run down, dingy and a bit dirty. I was considering trying the supermarket down the street.

I was so surprised to see that my store changed, it seemed like, overnight. Now it looks cleaner and newer. They enclosed the refrigerated areas of the store. Now the aisles are warmer, the shelves look more organized, and the lighting is much brighter. I won’t be going anywhere now.

Elizabeth AlfordSupermarket Customer

Presenter Biography

Margie Proctor, Marketing Specialist

Margie Proctor


Marjorie Proctor is a Marketing and Design Specialist for Hillphoenix with over 14 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. She started her career with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Interior Design. Margie has always been devoted to the understanding of how graphics, color, light, materials and architecture work together to create a dynamic environment.

Through the years, Margie focused her attention on designing equipment for the grocery industry with incorporating style for a pleasing visual presentation, but always keeping in mind the primary function of a display case – to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold! Margie’s passion includes all aspects of the grocery industry including marketing, designing cases and education with a focus on merchandising. Understanding the basics of refrigeration and how it goes hand-in-hand with merchandising is a topic Margie strives to communicate as well as adding a little flare with her artistic side.