Supermarket Sense 17 Press Kit

About the Program

Supermarket Sense provides retail professionals with information about the latest technologies, trends, product applications and retail programs that add positive impact to your company’s operation.

Combined classroom and break-out sessions offer an interactive learning experience from industry professionals that face the same challenges you face in your business.

The programs offered within Supermarket Sense immerse you in topics focused in operations, merchandising, store technologies and advancements within the industry. The training provides attendees with intimate, in-depth courses specifically designed for interaction and hands-on learning and one-on-one conversations with industry professionals and peers.


Hillphoenix Sponsor

Hillphoenix is a leading manufacturer of Display Cases, Specialty Products, Refrigeration and Power Systems, Walk-Ins and Comprehensive Services.  The story of Hillphoenix is built on creativity and customer-centric innovation delivered by people invigorated by a strong sense of responsibility to help our customers win in their marketplaces. Visit Website

Dataessentials Sponsor

Datassential brings clients real-world trend information in Foodservice and Consumer Product Goods. Our research spans not only the United States, but around the globe in food innovation research, as well as popular and consistent trend reporting and flavor profile summaries.  Visit Website

Unified Brands takes great pride in being part of an industry where people throughout the world and throughout history gather to celebrate and remember.  It is an industry built around individuals and relationships.  And it is these relationships that uniquely distinguish us among food equipment companies in our industry. We are also a leader in professional food equipment design, manufacturing and service. Supporting an extensive portfolio of premium branded product lines — Groen, Randell, Avtec, A la Cart and Power Soak — Unified’s complete offering spans the essential needs of today’s commercial foodservice operators. Visit Website

Harold Lloyd Presents

For over 25 years, Harold Lloyd has been providing educational seminars that make better teams, better leaders and better people. Through his rich selection of presentations, Harold is able to provide a tailored presentation that will change attitudes. Visit Website

Presenter Biographies

Harold Lloyd Presents

Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd Presents

Harold’s passion for teaching permeates his presentations. Over the years, he has created 30 top-rated seminars and written two ‘5-Star’ rated books—“Am I the leader I Need to Be?” and “It’s About Time.” He has been a featured presenter at the food industry’s most prestigious conventions for two decades.

Harold is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago. He has been the president of a company with 1,000 employees and 14 stores and was a franchisee of a three-unit, award-winning family restaurant group.

Harold has said, “I’d rather see the audience taking notes than to hear their applause.” This remark speaks to his intense desire to make a meaningful connection with his audience , which is his ultimate objective.

Marjorie Proctor

Marketing & Design Specialist

Marjorie Proctor is a Marketing and Design Specialist for Hillphoenix with over 14 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. She started her career with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Interior Design. Margie has always been devoted to the understanding of how graphics, color, light, materials and architecture work together to create a dynamic environment.

Through the years, Margie focused her attention on designing equipment for the grocery industry with incorporating style for a pleasing visual presentation, but always keeping in mind the primary function of a display case – to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold! Margie’s passion includes all aspects of the grocery industry including marketing, designing cases and education with a focus on merchandising. Understanding the basics of refrigeration and how it goes hand-in-hand with merchandising is a topic Margie strives to communicate as well as adding a little flare with her artistic side.

Chef Michal Williams

Unified Brands
Director of Culinary Marketing

Michael Williams is Director of Culinary Marketing – Retail for Unified Brands, manufacturer of Groen, Randell, Avtec, Power Soak and A la cart commercial foodservice equipment. Chef Williams’ foodservice career spans more than 30 years including strategic sourcing, product development and testing, recipe and menu development and strategic marketing. His focus is helping clients maximize emerging culinary trends relating to recipe/menu development, sourcing, operational processes and resource management. Chef Williams has traveled both domestically and internationally assisting culinary clients of all sizes to become more efficient in decision making and creative in the approach to foodservice solutions.

Chef Williams works as client advocate when engaging with product development teams focusing on equipment technologies aimed at enhancing equipment performance and food quality while reducing energy and water consumption.

Chef Williams is a member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and Research Chefs of America (RCA), James Beard Foundation and Chefs Move to Schools. Chef Williams and his wife Stacy have four children, live & cook in Jackson, MS

Kelly Sayko


Kelly Sayko is a classically trained in culinary and pastry arts. She is well known and respected in the CPG and commercial food service industries for her contributions to full-cycle product development. She has worked directly with manufacturers such as Nestle’, Functional Formulation Blending and Flavor Houses, Commodity Boards, Packaging Developers and Packaging Development Equipment companies.

This background has given her great knowledge from the formulation of products to back of house food preparation techniques and equipment. Kelly’s dedication to the food industry is visible in many ways. She contributes to research protocol and trade articles, develops new products, formulation, participates in strategic planning and instructs classes at various venues in the food industry.

Along with her culinary experience, Kelly has earned both a Bachelor of Science in Global Marketing and Business Science, and an MBA from Averett University. Kelly has worked as a product manager for Hamilton Beach and currently with Hillphoenix. She has a passion for food, the techniques used in restaurants and direct experience with customers and industry that will bring a fresh perspective to your food programs.

Anne-Marie Roerink

210 Analytics

Anne-Marie Roerink is a Principal at 210 Analytics, LLC — providing customized research and marketing strategies with a specialty in food retailing for clients such as the Food Marketing Institute, National Grocers Association, National Confectioners Association and many others. Through countless studies, Anne-Marie has developed an excellent perspective on the changing nature of the shopper as well as the food retailing business today and the challenge of success tomorrow. Anne-Marie offers a diverse and in-depth view on retailing financials, operations and shopper behavior, and how/why these issues are important to various organizations. Prior to founding 210 Analytics, Anne-Marie was the Head of Research for the Food Marketing Institute and authors the Power of Produce, Power of Meat and Power of Deli.

Mark DiDomenico, Datassential, Inc.

Mark DiDomenico

Datassential, Inc.

Mark DiDomenico has been following trends in the Foodservice Industry for nearly 24 years. He started his career with The NPD Group, analyzing restaurant traffic trends and foodservice manufacturer shipments. From there, he transitioned to the manufacturer side, providing insights guidance for the foodservice divisions of Kellogg USA and Sara Lee.

In 2011, Mark transitioned back to the supplier side, joining Datassential, another leading insights provider for the foodservice industry. As Director, Business Development, Mark is leveraging his significant experience helping foodservice operators and manufacturers develop critical insights for their strategy, sales, marketing and new product development efforts, across all menu categories.

Mark has presented insights and trends at conferences and meetings for several organizations, including International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, The Research Chefs Association, the National Coffee Association and CSP Information Group (FARE and Foodservice Directory Magazines). Mark holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Chef Steven D’Angelo


Steven D’Angelo is corporate chef for Unified Brands, a leader in professional food equipment design, manufacturing and service. In his role, D’Angelo supports an extensive portfolio of premium branded product lines — Groen, Randell, Avtec, A la Cart and Power Soak — Unified’s offering spans the essential needs of today’s commercial foodservice operators.

With more than 25 years of culinary experience, D’Angelo’s roots are in New Orleans, where he was steeped in world-renowned culinary and hospitality operations. He became a chef at an early age under the tutelage of Chef Emeril Lagasse within his organization, starting in 1995.  D’Angelo’s experience includes developing and launching several restaurant concepts, the involvement in operations of multiple restaurants, television appearances and the execution of large scale charitable events.

Chef D’Angelo is a proud ambassador for Unified Brands and is focused on leveraging his experience for customers by developing new culinary menu applications and processes for using our equipment.  His passion plays a large part in the constant culinary evolution driven by great chefs and the performance of great equipment.

Dr. Keith Vorst

Director for the Polymer and Food Protection Consortium
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University

Dr. Vorst serves as the Director for the Polymer and Food Protection Consortium in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

Dr. Vorst’s research area emphasis is the technical development and safety of food packaging including the interaction of food and packaging materials at Iowa State University. Dr. Vorst worked in industry for three major packaging companies and served as a consultant for a major automotive manufacturer prior to joining academia in his current position at Iowa State University.

Dr. Vorst has several peer-reviewed publications and patents for plastic characterization, contamination monitoring, carbon nanotubes, medical device manufacturing, microbial testing methods, and polymer design. Dr. Vorst has published in the American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM), Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Journal of Polymer Testing, Journal of Food Protection and Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting. Dr. Vorst has also served as a reviewer for the Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Journal of Food Protection, and Journal of Testing and Evaluation.

Justin Webster Hillphoenix Design Specialist

Justin Webste

Hillphoenix Design Center Specialist

Justin Webster is a Design Specialist for Hillphoenix and has been with the Design Center team since inception 2 years ago. He also held a position as a product specialist for our Specialty Division for 3 years working with the Regional Sale Managers throughout Canada and the Central US Region developing innovative store programs for their customer base. Prior to coming on board with Hillphoenix, Justin was an independent rep for 28 yrs. in a family run business out of Hopkins, MN. Reco Store Equipment represented and sold multiple lines of retail fixtures in the upper Midwest including Barker Co. (now part of Hillphoenix Specialty), checkstands, produce and bakery fixtures as well as waste reduction equipment. Justin’s commitment to our customers is guaranteed to create a great “Customer Experience”.

Jack Sjogren Design Center Specialist

Jack Sjogren


For over 30 years, Jack Sjogren has been involved in the supermarket refrigeration industry. Jack is a Design Center Specialist for the Hillphoenix. With vast improvements of case lighting available today, Jack saw the need to help our industry improve designs in store lighting and he has made it his mission to help educate retailers on “Creating A True Win With Lighting”.

Passion, experience and the knowledge Jack has acquired over the past 30 years will equip and empower retailers to showcase their products.


Jonathan Raduns

Merchandising Food LLC

“I would highly recommend Supermarket sense. I feel there is a depth of knowledge here that I haven’t found in other presentations or programs throughout the country, and I have visited many stores and conferences. This was jam packed with information. I feel that I am leaving with a highly regarded group of professionals that I can use as a resource going forward.”

Martha E Quintero 

El Machetazo

“I’m heading up a new prototype store with 5,000-10,000 square feet; convenience store with at twist on Walgreens. For us, getting the business end, operations and logistics working together is the key to our success. We just went through a cost-reduction analysis, and now we are working on how to increase sales, get more consumers into the stores and how to be different from the other guy. The tools I have learned here (at Supermarket Sense) will help us achieve this in half the time. I am really excited about what I can take home from here.”

Rachel Marshall


“New trends and ideas presented in all the presentation of Supermarket Sense included the buying power of millennials in 2017, which was a shocking number of 200 billion. We have been looking at millennials as a design professional for the past 2+ years knowing that they will have an impact on the market, but seeing the actually figures associated with them was very important to me.”

Joseph Kratochwill 

Somerset Stores LLC

“It was great to interact with other people in the industry; getting people’s perspectives, the different ways of handling operations, sharing information, things that I am doing well and things other people are doing well. In general, the whole merchandising experience from cases, the food, to how to reach out to our customers and give them a better store experience and better products really helps us with growing our sales and operations.”


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